Alice In Nowland

This was my final piece for my pictorial foundation class second semester. I probably put more work into this piece than any other over the entire year. The prompt for it was "Alice in Nowland". We were supposed to take Alice as well as any other characters from wonderland and put them into a contemporary setting. I decided after coming up with some not so good ideas to put them into a Starbucks, or I suppose any modern coffee shop. This was done on cold press board with gouache like most of my other pieces however unlike my other pieces I painted it opaquely. It took much longer but it was rewarding and actually pretty fun to do, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I used a lot of reference to get the coffee shop atmosphere, aswell as reference for the positions and gestures of the characters. But I actually did the perspective out of my head. This piece also started out with the mad hatter sitting at the table with Alice and the march hare, but after getting some critiqeing and suggestions about his position I changed it so that he was closer to the foreground which I think really helped. it also gave more attitude to the piece overall.