"Father Mckenzie writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear"

This was another "personal portfolio piece" like the Spider-Man one. My teacher would give us these every three weeks of the second semester to give us a bit more creative freedom. The prompt for this one was Eleanor Rigby, which meant we could use anything related to the Beatles, or this particular song as long as it in someway related back to Eleanor Rigby. I actually had a bit of a problem coming up with an idea because this was around finals and I didn't give it that much attention relative to my other prjects. I knew I wanted to use ink but that was about it. I eventually decided to illustrate the line Father Mckenzie, writing the words to a sermon that no one will hear... After which I did 4 thumbnail sketches, moved directly into final sketches and then immediately transferred the sketch to bristol board and began inking. This all only took several hours and I thought I'd be able to finish the whole thing at a reasonable hour and go to bed. Man was I wrong. I started adding ink with brush and pen and then doing corrections in pro white (mainly in Father Mckenzies shirt) and then going over the pro white with ink and then correcting those corrections with more pro white and so on and so forth. Long story short I didn't get to a good stopping point until 5 or 6 am at which point I went right to bed.

When I awoke several hours later and looked at it, I was less than pleased with the result of my effort. I showed my housemate and she suggested going in with colored pencil to pull it together which really worked. However even though most people seem to like this I think my opinion of it is badly tainted by how much trouble I had with it. The lesson with this piece is, always allow pro white or any other correctional fluid to dry completely before adding ink to it again. Otherwise the result is a grey ink pro white hybrid which is extremely aggrivating to work with.



  1. Also I find that the ink will bleed onto the pro-white more... enthusiastically than desired even if you do wait. I had that problem on my Marie Antoinette vignette. The marker and ink lines would never be as clean again. So instead resolve problems beforehand! Which we never do as effectively on those outside projects.


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