Who invented the Push Pin?

This is a piece I did in my Pictorial Foundation class this past year. It was done on hot press illustration board with gouache. There is also heavy use of wipe out technique and I did some Photoshop corrections on the walls. The prompt for the project was to depict an inventor with their invention. I spent a bit of time thumbing concepts but nothing hit me as being quite good or interesting enough. Then for some reason I thought "I wonder who invented the push pin?" I discovered the inventor was a guy named Edwin Moore who lived in Philadelphia. In 1900 he founded his company and spent every afternoon carefully crafting pushpins.
Edwin Moore (He really looks like a guy who would invent the push pin)

After a few thumbnails I came up with the above composition, which I enjoy because it's pleasingly awkward and it was really fun to radically alter the scale of the push pin using perspective so that it was the largest object in the painting. Plus doing this project has given me an awesome yet completely useless nugget of trivia.