Long Time, No Post

Well, it's that time again. The time where I finally post after an entire school year of putting it off due to homework and a whole slew of other things that I won't list because I don't want to bore you with my excuses. Suffice to say that that won't be happening as much, if at all anymore because...I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED! That's right, I made it through four crazy years at University of the Arts and received  my degree certifying that I can draw well and make illustrations; and all it cost me was stress, hard work, not a lot of sleep, more stress, more hard work, and mass amounts of money! (doesn't sound so bad right?) It was a long road with a lot of struggles but it was very much worth it and it paid off immensely. Or at least it will once I get my loans taken care of.

In all seriousness though I really enjoyed my time at Uarts. I learned a lot about art and about myself. I had some great teachers and I finally feel like this whole illustration and comic book thing is less of a dream and more a reality. I'm just starting to find my voice and I'm far from done learning but I know I'm well on my way to getting where I want to go.

Now that I've gotten all that waxing poetic, soap boxy, feel-good talkin stuff outta the way lets get to the cool new things that have been going on. First and foremost I now have a website! A real one! The kind involving my name and the dot com after it! it looks like this! http://www.jasonpiperberg.com/ All of my new work is there so take a look and enjoy! I now also have a twitter so if you'd like to get more of my ramblings you can follow me on there. https://twitter.com/#!/JasonPiperberg

Secondly C.O.P.O.U.T. artists is still going strong and this coming first friday in Philadelphia (June 1st 2012) I will be doing a brand new four pager, SO GO AND GET A COPY IF YOU'RE IN THE PHILADELPHIA AREA! I'm excited about this one since it's my first sequential piece in a while and I have missed doing comics immensly!

It's the beginning of a lot of new things for me and I'm optimistic about what is to come. I now leave you with the words of Neil Gaiman and his awesomely inspiring commencement speech that I was lucky enough to hear in person! I was also extra lucky to actually meet him at the reception following commencement and get a picture with him!!!

That's it for now!