Plans and Cool Comics

First things first, I'll begin by saying I'm going to try to update this on a daily or every other day basis. That means that even if I don't have any new work in this post, like this one, I'll still share something that I find worthwhile. That was the "plans" thing that I referred to in that there subject line.

The cool comics thing refers to a site which I actually found through Twitter. I'm new to the whole Twitter scene and I'm still not sure how I feel but this was a cool find. Speaking of which if you'd like to follow me on the Twitters you can find me here. Anyway I started following the great Mark Waid (the writer of Kingdom Come and other great comics) and discovered his site On there there is a super hero webcomic called Insufferable which I found quite good. I should mention that I haven't read a lot of more serious super hero webcomics but I thought the structuring and the use of the internet as a medium story timing was really creative and at times even felt like a limited animation. I implore you to give it a read.

I still haven't thought af a clever sign off line so I'll just say

"Tune in tomorrow. . . or the next day, same pipe time same pipe blog"

God that was awful. I apologize.