A Good Man is Hard to Find

This is a painting based off of Flannery O'Connor's short story "A Good Man is Hard to Find". Which is, in short, a story about a family who's taking a road trip. It's an interesting story and you can read it here. I have to say my original sketches for this project were completely different and much worse. In fact I started thumbnailing this version during the sketch critique because I hated the idea of taking either of my other sketches to finish. With this version I was going for more of a cover than a direct depiction of a scene like I had done with the previous sketches. This one is also thinned down gouache on coldpress with some colored pencil touch ups. I had a lot of fun painting the faces in the dust, as well as the car, and the trees, actually I really enjoyed this piece once I scrapped the other ideas and got this one. Also this painting makes a bit more sense when you know the story, which is another reason I feel it would makea good cover.