Spider-Man Pin Up

This is a piece that I got to do for my illustration class. The only guideline was "the hat makes the man". Meaning something that someone possesses makes them who they are. So I decided to do Spider-Man and his web since I feel that's one of his coolest attributes from a visual standpoint.

I actually got this design from a quick little doodle that I found in my sketch book. Which was great because I had a lot of trouble when I tried to come up with something new. So instead I just took the small sketch and used illustrator to increase the dimensions. Then I printed it out in segments so that I could tape it together and transfer it to Bristol board in pencil. Following this I inked it using a light box, a dip pen, and a brush for large areas of black. At this point it was still a vignette. Meaning that Spidey was still basically just floating in the picture plane. After I inked it I brought it into photoshop and colored it and also added a background of the silhouetted building using the lasso tool. Below you can see the different steps and stages. Although I like painting this is my preferred way of working if I want to add color to a piece.

Original sketch
Finished Pencils
Finished Inks.