COPOUT Artists #1 Moments is out!

So I haven't really posted on this until now, but a few friends and I have made a collaborative comic based on the theme of "moments". It took a long time to get everything together, printed, and assembled, but last night they were handed out on first Friday at Brave New World in Philadelphia. I unfortunately couldn't attend, but things apparently went really well and we managed to pass out all of the copies that we'd made. This is the first of more issues to come and we will be publishing as regularly as possible under the label COPOUT Artists.
All in all I'm pretty excited about this. It's the first collaborative book that I've done and my first self-published work in a few years. So it's nice to finally have something out there again. Check out the COPOUT Artists blog here, as well as some of the other artists involved here, here, and here.