In brightest daysess, in blackest nightsess, no evil shall escape my...

This is  a pretty simple spot illustration of, well it's probably obvious, but if it's not, it's of Gollum jumping after the Green Lantern ring. I'm thinking about trying to get it made in to a t-shirt as long as I can make sure that there wouldn't be any repercussions from it. Anyone know the technicalities on stuff like that if I was using something like a Threadless or Teefury type deal?

In any case it was fun to just do something quick like this. Let me know in the comments if you would want this as a shirt and if enough people do I'll look into it a bit more.

Other than that the black lines are ink and the green lines are green gouache. To preserve the colors I had from the original scan I just converted the original scan into a multiply layer and colored under it on a different layer. Pretty good process for a simple piece like this.


  1. please please make this into a shirt!!!! :D


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