Easter Island Heads Have Bodies!!!

This is something that I saw on James Gurney's blog and I thought it was so awesome that I had to reblog it. Apparently those giant head statues on Easter Island have bodies! Surprisingly this excavation has been going on for a while but most people are unaware of it ( I certainly was). Ancient stone structures and sculptures have always fascinated me and I find a lot of inspiration in the mystery which surrounds them. So, this was really exciting.  Go here to see more of the below images and read a bit about them. Thanks to James Gurney for posting this!

Here's another article I found while searching online. 

If giant ancient statues with bodies aren't your cup of tea than maybe this next thing will strike your fancy. 
A while ago I found the image below of children fighting zombies on a playground. The image was done by concept artist Jason Chan. If you've never seen his work you should click on that link a few words back. Why am I bringing this up? I was informed by Crystal Ben who made a post on this a day or two ago that this image has prompted a kickstarter to fund the actual creation of a game based on this image!

Yes today was a reblog day for me but if you didn't know about these things now you do! If you did my apologies for boring you and I'll have some more original content soon!