Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easter Island Heads Have Bodies!!!

This is something that I saw on James Gurney's blog and I thought it was so awesome that I had to reblog it. Apparently those giant head statues on Easter Island have bodies! Surprisingly this excavation has been going on for a while but most people are unaware of it ( I certainly was). Ancient stone structures and sculptures have always fascinated me and I find a lot of inspiration in the mystery which surrounds them. So, this was really exciting.  Go here to see more of the below images and read a bit about them. Thanks to James Gurney for posting this!

Here's another article I found while searching online. 

If giant ancient statues with bodies aren't your cup of tea than maybe this next thing will strike your fancy. 
A while ago I found the image below of children fighting zombies on a playground. The image was done by concept artist Jason Chan. If you've never seen his work you should click on that link a few words back. Why am I bringing this up? I was informed by Crystal Ben who made a post on this a day or two ago that this image has prompted a kickstarter to fund the actual creation of a game based on this image!

Yes today was a reblog day for me but if you didn't know about these things now you do! If you did my apologies for boring you and I'll have some more original content soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New Drawing and Another Couple Links

      Well look at that I'm updating 2 days in a row! This post isn't really going to be that text heavy which I'm sure you're all happy about since I tend to be a bit long winded with a lot of my posts. So what does he have for us today you may be wondering?  First, I bestow upon you a new drawing of Catwoman! I really just wanted to prove to myself and everyone that I actually can draw women since I very seldom post any drawings of the female figure. So here you all are.
     The next thing I'd like to share with you is this podcast. The latest episode (#56) has Mark Waid on the program and since I mentioned him in my post yesterday I thought this would be appropriate. The  podcast is hosted by Jerzy Drozd of the Art and Story podcast, which i highly recommend to anyone interested in making or reading comics. Sadly Art and Story ended last year but you can still listen to all the episodes for free right here!!!

So that's it for now. Don't worry I won't pain your eyes with another awful sign off line.

Plans and Cool Comics

First things first, I'll begin by saying I'm going to try to update this on a daily or every other day basis. That means that even if I don't have any new work in this post, like this one, I'll still share something that I find worthwhile. That was the "plans" thing that I referred to in that there subject line.

The cool comics thing refers to a site which I actually found through Twitter. I'm new to the whole Twitter scene and I'm still not sure how I feel but this was a cool find. Speaking of which if you'd like to follow me on the Twitters you can find me here. Anyway I started following the great Mark Waid (the writer of Kingdom Come and other great comics) and discovered his site http://www.thrillbent.com/. On there there is a super hero webcomic called Insufferable which I found quite good. I should mention that I haven't read a lot of more serious super hero webcomics but I thought the structuring and the use of the internet as a medium story timing was really creative and at times even felt like a limited animation. I implore you to give it a read.

I still haven't thought af a clever sign off line so I'll just say

"Tune in tomorrow. . . or the next day, same pipe time same pipe blog"

God that was awful. I apologize.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Well, it's that time again. The time where I finally post after an entire school year of putting it off due to homework and a whole slew of other things that I won't list because I don't want to bore you with my excuses. Suffice to say that that won't be happening as much, if at all anymore because...I'VE FINALLY GRADUATED! That's right, I made it through four crazy years at University of the Arts and received  my degree certifying that I can draw well and make illustrations; and all it cost me was stress, hard work, not a lot of sleep, more stress, more hard work, and mass amounts of money! (doesn't sound so bad right?) It was a long road with a lot of struggles but it was very much worth it and it paid off immensely. Or at least it will once I get my loans taken care of.

In all seriousness though I really enjoyed my time at Uarts. I learned a lot about art and about myself. I had some great teachers and I finally feel like this whole illustration and comic book thing is less of a dream and more a reality. I'm just starting to find my voice and I'm far from done learning but I know I'm well on my way to getting where I want to go.

Now that I've gotten all that waxing poetic, soap boxy, feel-good talkin stuff outta the way lets get to the cool new things that have been going on. First and foremost I now have a website! A real one! The kind involving my name and the dot com after it! it looks like this! http://www.jasonpiperberg.com/ All of my new work is there so take a look and enjoy! I now also have a twitter so if you'd like to get more of my ramblings you can follow me on there. https://twitter.com/#!/JasonPiperberg

Secondly C.O.P.O.U.T. artists is still going strong and this coming first friday in Philadelphia (June 1st 2012) I will be doing a brand new four pager, SO GO AND GET A COPY IF YOU'RE IN THE PHILADELPHIA AREA! I'm excited about this one since it's my first sequential piece in a while and I have missed doing comics immensly!

It's the beginning of a lot of new things for me and I'm optimistic about what is to come. I now leave you with the words of Neil Gaiman and his awesomely inspiring commencement speech that I was lucky enough to hear in person! I was also extra lucky to actually meet him at the reception following commencement and get a picture with him!!!

That's it for now!